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we believe in the power of aromatherapy-based skincare to elevate your skincare routine and nourish not just your skin, but also your soul. Our carefully curated blends of essential oils and botanical extracts are designed to promote positive moods, helping you find inner peace and embrace a rejuvenating journey of self-care.

Every Day Essentials

Unleash your Confidence

Indulge in Lavender & Vanilla Body Butter Where Calming Aromas and Luxurious Hydration Unite, Leaving You Butterly Irresistible!

"I found myself in total agreeance with your statement made about "every woman deserves beautiful skin" I am 73 years of age and am in love with these body butters"

– Lettie, F

"It's silky luscious and absorbs well Into you skin after a nice hot bath."

– Michelle Jackson

Uplifting the modern woman

Our Story

As a busy mom, I found that using body butter made me feel pampered and radiant, giving me a much-needed boost of confidence. I realized that every woman deserves to feel this way, and with the help of my husband, we decided to make our homemade body butter available to everyone and launch our own skincare brand—Brinorie, named after our two children Briston and Norie.

Instagram : @Brinorie


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